ViVest Air AED
A speedy rescue when space
and time are at a premium

Customized Flight Control System

  • Automatic Dispatching, Automatic Planning of Flight Route
  • Automatic Launching, Automatic flight and return

Drone Specially Used for Rescue

  • Well-known Brand in industry, benchmarking drone model
  • Multiple methods of navigation and obstacle avoidance system
  • Full assessment of emergency requirement was made before this rescue solution
  • Multiple AED delivering solution for you to choose from

Remote Rescue Guidance

  • 4G/5G communication, data transmission conducted with millisecond grade
  • Pictures of rescue scene can be sent to monitoring center using it’s built-in camera
  • Interaction with the responder, making the guidance into an immersive experience

Application Areas

Urban Streets

Difficult Terrain

Rural and Suburban Areas